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Cape Cod Speech and Language Service and Rates

Speech Language Evaluations
Speech Language Evaluations Comprehensive speech language evaluations are frequently conducted for schools at their request when they require an independent assessment. Evaluations are also conducted for families as a first step when beginning a therapy program. Evaluations may include formalized, standardized testing as well as informal observation and assessment, and include a written report outlining a student’s strength and weakness areas, as well as specific recommendations. Evaluations strive to answer targeted questions that referring school teams or families may have. When requested, Cape Cod Speech and Language has provided independent evaluations for many local school districts, including Provincetown, Truro, Nauset Regional (Wellfleet, Eastham, Orleans and Brewster), Chatham, Dennis-Yarmouth, Barnstable, Sandwich and Falmouth school districts. Evaluations have also been provided for many of the Cape's private, residential and charter schools, or for students off Cape in residential programs.
Speech Language Evaluations: $750

Speech Language Therapy
Speech Language Therapy
Individual therapy is available for children requiring skills training in language development, speech and articulation, phonological awareness, social language, voice, lipreading and fluency or stuttering. Individuals requiring speech therapy in swallowing and certain voice disorders are referred to other specialists. In order to maximize results, families are frequently requested to assist students enrolled in speech language therapy to complete brief home programs on the days when they are not attending therapy. Therapy is generally provided once or twice weekly. For families summering on Cape Cod, short term therapy is available during our summer program. Our offices will coordinate with your child’s speech pathologist in his or her home state prior to your arrival.
Speech Language Therapy: $95 per hour

Assistive Technology Assessments
Speech Language Therapy
Comprehensive, individually tailored technology assessments for children are often requested to determine the answer to specific questions posed by referring school teams or families, such as ‘What is the best nonverbal communication system for my child?’ or ‘Are there any current technologies that can be integrated into my classroom for my visually impaired student?’ Although there is no specific test for this type of evaluation, diagnostic trials with hardware, software or peripheral devices, such as alternative modes of access may be tried and evaluated. Assistive Technology Assessments include a detailed written report with specific recommendations.
Assistive Technology Assessments: $850

Consultations at Cape Cod Speech and Language
Speech Language and Assistive Technology consultations are available when a comprehensive assessment is not required. Consultation can be provided to schools, individuals, families, organizations or schools to assist with educational programming, to trouble shoot equipment, to devise home programs, or to observe a student within a particular academic or communication environment.
Consultations: $95 - $125 per hour

Individual tutoring is available for school aged children who may be experiencing difficulty with other aspects of language, including acquiring the skills needed to learn to read, spell or write. Student PhotoFollowing an assessment, specifically tailored programs will be designed for your child and may include portions of the Wilson Reading System, Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing, Lindamood Visualizing and Verbalizing, Lindamood Seeing Stars, Mariconda and Auray Empowering Writers program, Nancy Hall and Rena Price’s Explode the Code series for beginning readers, Jennings and Haynes Landmark School Scaffolding Expository Expression materials, Sitton Multisensory Spelling materials, or a variety of tutor designed materials in reading, writing or spelling materials based upon the research of Louisa Moats, Ed.D, Mel Levine, MD and All Kinds of Minds Institute, Sally Shaywitz, M.D., or the principles of Dr. Marie Clay’s Reading Recovery.
Tutoring: $65 per hour

Summer Program
Consultations at Cape Cod Speech and Language
Our popular summer program usually begins the first week in July and runs through the third week in August. Families may enroll students for up to 8 weeks of the summer program. In addition to our year round families, Cape Cod Speech and Language can provide short term therapy and tutoring to your child if your family summers on Cape Cod. At your request, our staff will make contact with your child’s therapist or tutor in your home state well before the end of the school term to insure a smooth transition to receiving summer services at Cape Cod Speech and Language. Summer Program at Cape Cod Speech and Language At your request, a summary will be sent to your child’s specialists at the end of the summer. We are proud to serve our year round Cape Cod families, as well as our summering families who come from all over the United States, including California, Washington State, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, New Jersey and Connecticut, Western Massachusetts and the greater Boston area. Cape Cod Speech and Language’s summer program usually fills up by the end of April, so early planning is recommended for the best possible transition.

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