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Cape Cod Speech and Language Summer Program
Summer Program at Cape Cod Speech and Language


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Our summer generally runs for 6 weeks beginning after July 4th weekend. It is very typical for our summer program to fill up by mid spring, so it is important to call 508-255-0076 and reserve a spot early. We must have your child's paperwork in place and releases signed so that we can make contact with your child's Speech Pathologist and/or Tutor prior to the end of the school year.


Student PhotoShort term individual therapy is available for children requiring continued skills training in language development, speech and articulation, phonological awareness, social language, voice, lipreading and fluency or stuttering. For families summering on Cape Cod, our offices will coordinate with your child’s speech pathologist in his or her home state prior to your arrival.


Short term individual tutoring is available for school aged children who may be experiencing difficulty with other aspects of language, including acquiring the skills needed to learn to read, spell or write. Following an assessment, specifically tailored programs will be designed for your child and may include portions of the

  • Wilson Reading System
  • Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing
  • Lindamood Visualizing and Verbalizing
  • Lindamood Seeing Stars
  • Lexia Learning System’s Reading Skill Development Software
  • Kristin Johnson and Polly Bayrd’s Megawords Program
  • Mariconda and Auray Empowering Writers Program
  • Nancy Hall and Rena Price’s Explode the Code Series
  • Jennings and Haynes Landmark School Scaffolding Expository Expression
  • Sitton Multisensory Spelling materials
  • Project Read
  • Nancy Alemian Telian’s Program Telian Lively Letters
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or a variety of tutor designed materials in reading, writing or spelling materials based upon the research of Louisa Moats, Ed.D, Mel Levine, MD and All Kinds of Minds Institute, Sally Shaywitz, M.D. or the principles of Dr. Marie Clay’s Reading Recovery.


Student PhotoThese groups will strive to teach the components of expository (essay) writing for students in grades 4 – 8. Given the demands on written expression through standardized testing and changes in educational law, the need for direct and explicit instruction in the process of essay writing is needed more than ever. In a small group, students will receive direct instruction in the following areas:

  • Identify the components of a well written essay
  • Recognize the format of all 5-paragraph essays using a PILLAR graphic
  • Develop ideas through brainstorming activities
  • Generate leads, topic sentences, 3 main ideas, supporting details and conclusion sentences
  • Utilize editing techniques for mechanics as well as improve word choice and flow of sentences.
  • By the end of the camp experience, students will be able to independently use the PILLAR format to outline ideas and organize thoughts for expansion into a 5-paragraph essay.


Student PhotoSocial skills groups are available for children from grades K-8, and will help develop and support functional conversational skills that assist children in making and keeping friendships, solving problems and interacting in everyday situations. Skills to be taught and practiced include listening, turntaking, initiating and maintaining conversations and how to make small talk.


Student PhotoThis group will be available for children in grades K-2, and will help develop and support sound awareness skills that are critical to the development of reading. Skill development in sound discrimination, rhyming, blending and manipulation will be taught and practiced within fun, motivating activities.


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This group will assist young children in grades 1-3 to develop oral narratives using Mindwing Concepts Story Grammar Marker®, which supports development of oral and written communication skills through it’s link to literacy. Children in this group will be taught how to use the Story Grammar Marker® and will practice oral narratives when discussing selected weekly literature. The Mindwing Concepts website states that “The Story Grammar Marker® is a hands-on manipulative tool that teachers and parents can use to model the discourse skills required for students to think, learn and communicate verbally and in writing. Comprised of a series of icons that represent the essential components of a story, The Marker prompts students to remember proper story sequencing.” The elements that will be taught and practiced in this group include character, setting, initiating event (kick-off), internal response (character emotion), plan, attempts, direct consequence and resolution.

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